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The Chesterfield sofa is still largely handmade with the highest of quality standards. Its craftsmanship is world renowned, employing techniques and designs dating back to its origins in the 18th century. Every component is carefully crafted and measured to exact specification. Specially skilled individuals are employed to hand craft Chesterfield sofas to the preference of the customer. The tradition and skill that go into crafting the Chesterfield sofa make it a sofa that will stand the test of time, only improving with age.

Chesterfield sofas begin with the frame, the most important component. The frame must be constructed of the finest hardwoods, chosen specifically for their characteristic strength and durability. Skilled craftsmen assemble the frame completely by hand, making certain that all corners and stress points are reinforced. This is accomplished by using braces that are glued and screwed into place. The frame is then quality inspected to ensure precise shape. The completed frame is then polished, a process in which a finish is applied to all areas of the frame that will later be exposed. This finish is applied by hand in several coats and left to dry for two days.

Now the Chesterfield begins to take shape. As the frame is the foundation of the sofa, the springs are the mortar that allows it to hold its shape. Individual coil springs are added to the frame by hand. In some factory production, the springs are formed in a grid and attached mechanically. This uniform installation may not provide endurance of the sofa’s shape that hand-tied springs can offer. Panels of padding are then applied to form the finished shape of the sofa.

The sofa is now ready to be upholstered. The Chesterfield is one of the first sofas to be fully upholstered. Leather is a natural choice for the Chesterfield because as it wears, it develops a handsome patina which only adds to the beauty of the sofa. Quality leather is selected, templates are applied and panels are cut to be applied to the Chesterfield. In the mass production market, the quality of leather may be compromised to save costs. Custom crafters prefer to use the highest quality hides not only for their beauty, but for their durability as well.

The final stage is the buttoning and studding of the sofa. Historically, buttons were used to secure the padding in upholstered furniture. They now add great style appeal. The entire sofa is then buffed or rubbed, depending on the selected finish. The sofa is then sealed for protection and it is complete. Like a work of art, the Chesterfield sofa is painstakingly crafted to provide centuries of luxurious comfort and timeless style to those that are fortunate enough to own one.



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